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Steve Gullick - Nirvana Diary - Book Signing

One of the leading rock photographers of his generation, Steve Gullick has captured some of the most enduring music portraits of the last 20 years. From classic shots of Nirvana, Nick Cave, The Prodigy, Patti Smith, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters and many more, his photos have appeared in The Times, Mojo, Rolling Stone, Wire, Q and NME to name but a few. His photographs of Nirvana provided us with some of the most lasting and iconic images, when imagining the band it’s hard not to conjure up an image that was the vision of Steve Gullick.

Now Steve has put together the definitive photo
book of his work with Nirvana & the bands that rode shotgun including Mudhoney, Jesus Lizard, Screaming Trees, Hole & Soundgarden. A 196 page coffee table book containing stunning reproductions of the already iconic as well as unseen photographs accompanied with Steve’s recollections and a forward by Everett True. 

If you want a personally signed copy of "The Nirvana Diary", swing by our stall at the Independent Label Market and London Brewers' Market at Old Spitalfields Market in East London on the 28th of March! 

Posted on March 17th, 2015
Gold Rushin' Now Available For Pre-Order!

Representing a twenty year work-in-progress, Year of the Bear officially embarked on their saga in the fall of 2011; Drummer Robby Rux, Josh Browning on Bass and Jen Rux’s otherworldly combination of guitar and Theremin generate rich tunes marrying the heart of subversive pop with soulful psychedelic noise.

Spending their careers working as sidemen on the projects of other folks, for the first time, Browning and Rux also write the songs. The Audio Guru for (Label/Studio) Dreamy Soundz’, Jen showcases an ear adept at dynamically layered rock. Forged by the intuition of true friendship, they perform with the calming intensity of waves crashing.

Year of the Bear’s debut full-length Gold Rushin’ is now available for pre-order. Limited to only 250 copies, this jangly, spaced-out psychedelic masterpiece features fantastic sleeve art by Devin Selby, plus, this vinyl comes with a FREE digital download coupon! Order your copy now—before they’re gone forever!

Posted on February 7th, 2015
The Devil and the Almighty Blues - Album Out February 16th

Filled with a profound love for the old heroes of the Blues walking hand in hand with rock, metal, country and last but not least punk, The Devil and the Almighty Blues, in co-operation with the label Blues For The Red Sun from Tromsø, Norway, now present their self-titled debut album. 

Armed with vintage Gibson guitars and tube amplifiers, they recorded the album live in studio. This was to preserve the natural and musical energy. The band took the time they needed in the studio to let the songs breathe. A new take on blues-based rock, heavy without becoming metal, slow without being doom, bluesy without being straight up and boring. The album has turned out slow, heavy, melodic and raw. The result is far from being a possible hit on the radio, but on the other hand it is one of the heaviest and coolest blues-based albums ever to be released from Norway!

Posted on February 7th, 2015
Dreamy Soundz and Lo-Life Recordings to open record store

Fort Worth’s record store population is about to expand.

In conjunction with vintage clothing retailer Itsee Trading CompanyLo-Life Records and Dreamy Soundz Records, two of Fort Worth’s hippest DIY labels, plan to open Dreamy Life Records and Music this summer. 

It’s sure to be welcome news for DFW artists, who already have retail representation in Fort Worth in the form of Doc’s Records and Vintage and Record Town. The Dreamy Life store’s impending arrival also serves as another benchmark for the rapidly expanding Near Southside area, which is fast becoming one of Fort Worth’s cultural nerve centers.

Posted on June 10th, 2014
Randolph's Leap present 'I Can't Dance To This Music'

Randolph's Leap are going to be hosting an all-day event called 'I Can't Dance To This Music' at the Bowler's Bar in Glasgow July 27th as part of The East End Social events that are taking place this summer. 

As well as performing themselves, the band have also roped in The State Broadcasters, Neil from Meursault, the BMX Bandits (band)Skinny Dipper and Vic Galloway on DJ duties. Plus there's one more special guest to be announced at a later date. There are only going to be 80 tickets available for this show, so if you fancy it then I wouldn't hang about. For now though, sit back, relax and check out this wee video that the band recorded for the event...

Posted on June 10th, 2014