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The Devil and the Almighty Blues - Self-Titled Debut Album - Vinyl LP BFTRS001

Artist: The Devil and the Almighty Blues
Title: Self-Titled
Label: Blues For The Red Sun
Format: 12" Vinyl

Filled with a profound love for the old heroes of the Blues walking hand in hand with rock, metal, country and last but not least punk, The Devil and the Almighty Blues, in co-operation with the label Blues For The Red Sun from Tromsø, Norway, now present their self-titled debut album.

Armed with vintage Gibson guitars and tube amplifiers, they recorded the album live in studio. This was to preserve the natural and musical energy. The band took the time they needed in the studio to let the songs breathe. A new take on blues-based rock, heavy without becoming metal, slow without being doom, bluesy without being straight up and boring. The album has turned out slow, heavy, melodic and raw. The result is far from being a possible hit on the radio, but on the other hand it is one of the heaviest and coolest blues-based albums ever to be released from Norway!