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The Cush - 'Transcendental Heatwave' - Vinyl LP FPR005

Artist: The Cush
Title: Transcendental Heatwave
Label: Follyphone / Dreamy Soundz
Format: Vinyl LP

Strictly limited to 200 copies on black virgin vinyl. Comes housed in georgeous cardboard sleeves with stunning artwork.

There’s a vitality, imagination and undeniable spirit of motion throughout “Transcendental Heat Wave,” a powerful sense of escape velocity that allows the album to unfold something like a perfectly planned road trip. Allusions to driving color the album – references to being on the road, behind the wheel and just a few transcendental car-lengths away from whatever elements of control and paranoia happen to be flashing their brights at you in this very moment. “Transcendental Heat Wave”? Yeah. We could use a lift. — Revolt of the Apes