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The Devil and the Almighty Blues

2015 · Blues For The Red Sun · LP

Filled with a profound love for the old heroes of the blues, The Devil and the Almighty Blues serve up an addictive stew of blues drenched stoner rock at it’s dirtiest and most beautiful. Armed with vintage Gibson guitars and tube amplifiers, they blend fuzzed-out 70s blues rock with heavy stoner just perfectly. No-frills, no-bullshit desert rock ‘n’ roll as it was meant to sound; slow, heavy, melodic and raw, all without losing the almighty blues out of sight.

Beau - Twelve Strings To The Beau

2013 · The Sound of Salvation · LP

Back in the days when Britons huddled around single-bar electric fires and chewed Polo mints to ward off the incessant cold, the artist known as Beau was the first person to release a record for John Peel’s Dandelion label. Released on 180 gram vinyl, this 14-track beauty showcases all the man’s undeniable lyrical ability, striking musicianship and charming vocals.

Colin Cowan & The Elastic Stars - Fall Paths

2013 · Colin Cowan & Elastic Stars · LP

Colin Cowan & The Elastic Stars is the brain child of the gent mentioned in the band's title. This is a Vancouver-based psychedelic folk rock project that started as a result of Colin branching off from his other bands. "Fall Paths" is a florescent cup of warm nostalgic soup fit for any contemporary starchild or drifter...

Three Dimensional Tanx - I Am Go

2013 · Sunstone Records · 7" Vinyl

Fuzzed out, visceral, loud, upsetting, vital, necessary to your shelves and your 45s!

"Rooted in classic indie guitar music, with a big dollop of psych and the raw energy of snarling garage punk. In an era of nice radio friendly pop, this record stands out as a defiant act of brilliance." Weekenders Review

Woodenbox - End Game

2013 · Olive Grove Records · CD

Mariachi folk sextet, Woodenbox first came together in 2008 over their love of a fine sandwich, spaghetti westerns and The Beatles combined with an adoration of all things Mariachi, particularly ponchos. Produced by Paul Savage (Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai) and mastered by Jon Huxtable at Small Fish Recordings, End Game is a collection of foot-stomping folk anthems built on an extremely strong base of traditional mariachi brass and strong harmonies.